Anonymous: i know it seems impossible but just try. go get a cup of tea or hot cocoa, get into bed, put on some music, watch a movie or read a book until you fall asleep or until it gets better. and it will get better i promise.

all my fave films are sad ones which doesnt help, but i guess if i sleep it’ll shut my mind off for a while. i really hope it does for me

Anonymous: okay well first of all try and stay calm, and don't do anything stupid. maybe watch your favorite movie or listen to music, that always helps me. don't hang on to the way you're feeling right now and concentrate on anything that could distract you. and maybe you could talk to a friend who can help?

i cant seem to fight the thoughts away :(

sinkfurthereveryday: Try to relax, have a glass of water and get in bed, try to forget about everything (I know it's not as easy as I say it is but give it a go), maybe put some relaxing music on or something you like and try to sleep, hopefully you'll feel better in the morning! YouTube sleep music delta waves and listen to that, it helps me to relax, wind down and sleep maybe it will for you too! x

i’m just like really struggling to relax. my minds just all over the place :(

Anonymous: hey, i just saw your post about feeling suicidal and i just wanted to check if you're okay. i'm not that good at giving advice but i could try to help, so if you need to talk i'm here for you :)

please say things to help me out i reallyy dont like how im feeling rn

sinkfurthereveryday: please don't do anything silly, I'm here to talk if you need me! I know I'm not the best at advice and whatever but I'll help as much as I can! x

i’m just scared and idk what to do

feelin proper suicidal :( :( some anon advice would be great rn. help!!!